The WIKER company offers a wide range of products made from white and buff wicker (decorticated wicker) and green (non – decorticated) wicker. The company also carries a variety of products made from straw and birch. These are high quality products manufactured in Poland and based on domestic wicker. Wicker is a rewarding resource which can be used to produce virtually everything. It is fashionable, effective, enduring and environmental. By buying Polish handicraft you support multigenerational tradition of weaving.

We offer a great assortment of baskets: gift baskets, picknick baskets, shopping baskets, fireplace baskets, bread baskets, display baskets, pet baskets, laundry and clothes hampers, newspaper racks and umbrella holders, fruit and mashroom baskets as well as a great number of other baskets which can be found useful in the household.

Our offer also includes garden baskets, wicker flower beds, wicker mats and fences and wicker toys for children. We also sell such wicker furniture items as: rocking chairs,  armchairs, tables,  stools, sofas,  shelves, cupboards,  lampshades, trunks, drawers and chests.

Retail customer - you can see the photos of the majority of products offered by the  WIKER company on our webshop.

Wholesale customer - if you are interested in the wholesale prices of our products, please contact us via email or telephone.

Special customer - if you need something special you should contact us via email or telephone so we could discuss your design and set a price.